Nunhems cluster tomatoes: combining high productivity with high fruit quality

With the input from our dedicated team of tomato specialists and from tomato growers worldwide, BASF constantly strives to optimize the assortment according to the development of the market needs.

We offer healthy, high quality varieties in every market segment, which enables each grower to meet the demand of his customers. Each variety has already proven its advantages in tests by selected growers under lighted and unlighted conditions.

Nunhems cluster tomatoes growers Kees Stijger, Gery Persoon and the Foundation Ambasssadors share why they choose Nunhems cluster tomato varieties.

Nunhems cluster tomatoes


Reliability throughout the season

Extension offers a unique cluster appearance and fruit quality from the start until the end of the season. A very stable variety combining high yield, optimal fruit size and a healthy crop. The reliable choice in the cluster medium segment. Also suitable for lighted crops.


The premium cluster tomato

Deep red color, good taste and perfect cluster shape has positioned Foundation as a premium cluster tomato among traders and retailers.Combined with a high yield it offers great value for the grower as well as the rest of the produce chain. Also suitable for lighted crops.


Beat your yield record!

Progression is a very high yielding variety due to its exceptionally big fruits and uniform clusters. It comes early into production and offers a stable harvest pattern throughout the season. Be prepared to beat your all-time yield record with Progression!

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